Monday, June 20, 2011

Today I was the "Bug"

You've heard the old saying,"Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug"?  Today was my day to get squished like a bug on life's windshield.  

I swear I work with idiots difficult people. And these are people in authority, as in "building inspectors".  Today I had a polite row with an inspector, a SENIOR inspector at that, who is now back acting as a field inspector, instead of an office-paper-pusher-bureaucrat / inspector.  He admitted he hasn't inspected anything in years, but insisted he was right on a technical issue...we'll leave it at that.  But he's wrong.  Dead wrong!

I've spent half a day (and remember..."time is money") researching the matter, and I now have documentation my position is correct.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to City Hall to see Mr. Inspector and go over it with him.  It's pretty technical, so I hope he's up to speed and can comprehend the data.  If he does, and will admit my position is allowed per code, life goes on.  (I'm certainly NOT going to gloat and say "I told you so.")  But if he is too proud to admit it and won't back down, or if he just doesn't "get it", then I'm in a quandary.

I can surrender and do what he asks, which will cost me several thousand dollars, or I can go over his head and fight him and probably win, but at what cost?  "Win the battle, lose the war."

Grrrrr!  I hate Mondays.



  1. I believe in taking my turn at being the bug but lately I've been the bug a lot...I feel your pain or should I say splat? lol

    Maybe tomorrow someone else can take our places eh?

  2. Lori...yes, let someone else ride the windshield for a while, please.

    Lover...yes, please. Make him cry like a little girl. :)


  3. being on "the other side of the fence", so to speak, I under stand the problem. If he's wrong and you can prove it (which I don't doubt) I'd go over his head ... sometimes they need to be put in their place (so far, I won MY battles lol).

  4. P.S. had Air Show duty last weekend... a few pictures here (will make an entry soon):

  5. Being a bug and hitting the metaphorical windshield is never fun but everyone expects it, the trouble for me comes when some joker who likes to kick a person when they are down turns on the metaphorical wipers making everything worse.

    Does that make any sense?

  6. Dorrie...Issue resolved...see more recent post. And I loved the airshow and car pics. Regarding the AD-1 Skyraider...I'm surprised they put him on grass with that non-pneumatic tail wheel. We wouldn't do that here. Or rather, the pilots WOULDN'T let us here.

    Bum...Yes, it makes perfect sense. Scarry, huh? :)

    Bobby...dammit with all CAPS. :)