Monday, July 25, 2011

It's started again....

More changes.  That's what greeted me in my Monday morning email from my client with his "vision" of what he wants today.  He won't leave well enough alone.  (OCD is a terrible thing!)  He seems to constantly peruse architectural magazines and when he finds a picture he likes he sends it to me and says to incorporate those elements into his study/den/bath, etc.  Except we're past that point already.  

Now it involves tearing stuff out, calling back in the electricians, sheetrockers, etc.   Grrrrrr.......  And of course he questions why it costs so much.  "Because to get the look you want it now takes 3 steps instead of one;  put it in the first time, tear it out, do it again."  I didn't sign up for a lifetime job with this guy.  Will the madness ever end?

the insane man formerly known as S


  1. I'm actually able to handle people with OCD, its the passive/aggressive types that boil my blood.