Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take this bank and shove it

It feels SOOO good.  After threatening to break off my banking relationship with Viewpoint Bank for years, yesterday I finally did it.  I only waited this long because I wasn't sure of a better alternative.

Viewpoint used to be Community Credit Union, and they were constantly sending us newsletters and emails reminding us how much better credit unions were than the mean old banks, and asking us to write our congressman and tell him to keeps hands-off of credit unions.

Then they decided they wanted to be a bank themselves, and they sent us tons of correspondence asking for us to vote to allow them to do so.  Hmmmm....something smells.  I voted "no" and they sent me another ballot asking I change my mind.  "No" again.  Finally they had someone call me and try to convince me.  I told the guy that either they were lying when they first told me credit unions were better, or they're lying now when they tell me banks are better.  Either way they're liars.  I told him SOMEONE was making a killing on the deal, and I'm sure it wasn't me.  He hung up with his tail tucked.  It finally passed without my vote and the downhill slide began.

Yesterday I switched to USAA Bank.  I've had a savings account there for years, but as it's out of town and I don't trust "bank by mail", It wasn't a serious contender until now.  They have electronic bank-by-email, so I just take a photo of the front and back of a check to be deposited, email it to them, and the deposit is complete.  I'm sure all banks will have something similar soon, but USAA has been technologically cutting edge for a long time.

I'm moving on, and it feels good.  :)



  1. USAA is a very competitive bank on several fronts. I use BB&T (I call them Bubba's Bait and Tackle) Steer Clear of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). They like to fee you to death...Fortunately they are leaving the USA...

  2. What I want to know is why banks are able to charge 21% interest on their credit cards, yet give us conscientous savors an interest rate of 0.25% on our saving account! Haaarrrrrmmmmmpppphhhh!