Monday, July 18, 2011

World's DUMBEST couple

This was an actual email I received yesterday.  I usually trash things like this immediately, but this one was so funny I had to read more.  It said:

"Patch Up With Your Girlfriend With Luxury Designer Replica Watches.  If you are worried about your breakup, then you should be bold enough to patch up it with grace and style.  By having a beautiful luxury designer replica watch, your girlfriend will be surely inclined towards you at once. All of a sudden, natural feelings of love, peace, comfort, romance, and sex will be restored again between you and your girlfriend for long time."

So a replica designer watch will have her rushing back to your love nest?  Yep, that would prove without doubt you're a "graceful and stylish" guy.  Not to mention one cheap bastard!  And she's not too bright for falling for it.   

If news of this gets out it will put the flower and diamond industries out of business.  *better call my broker*  :)


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  1. Being a replica designer millionaire would likely be better.