Friday, July 8, 2011

Two women I love share their birthdays today

Today my wonderful wife and my youngest daughter celebrate their birthdays. It's the Big 30 for daughter Erica, and...umm...just a couple more than that for K.  Happy Birfday, ladies!  *huge applause*

Now for a complete 180...At last night's Texas Ranger baseball game a guy fell over the upper deck railing to his death trying to catch a foul ball for his little son sitting next to him.  It just goes to show how fleeting and fragile life is.  One second you're having the time of your life, treating your little son to a Major League Baseball game, not a care in the world, then a foul ball comes your way...a fans dream...and in the blink of an eye you're dead.  Lesson learned: Enjoy every second God gives you on this earth.  Condolences to his family. 

Clarification:  The fan who died was trying to catch a ball that had gone foul, but was picked up Ranger Josh Hamilton and tossed up into the stands as a souvenir, a simple goodwill gesture that went very wrong.

TGIF  :)



  1. Happy birthday to the ladies!

    What a ghastly story about the ball game. How tragic.

  2. I hope both ladies had a marvelous birthday!

    And that baseball story even hit the German headlines.... so sad!