Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Festival season is here!

Tomorrow morning we'll be on the road early. We're going to the Foat Wuth Arts Festival. It's one of our favorites, with lots of excellent judged vendors. "Judged" means the artisans are invited based on their talents, not on whether they can afford to buy a space on the esplanade. Only the best in each medium (such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, etc) get to display.

We've been to enough art fests over the years we now know several of the vendors, and look forward to seeing what new works they're offering. Unfortunately a shortage of funds as well as display wall space will probably preclude us buying anything new. Oh well, at least the music at these events is always good, as is the food. I'll try and bring back some interesting photos to share with you tomorrow.



  1. Going to try and hit the Charleston Harbor Festival next month. As you have read over at Joan's place we have some great stuff here but its almost a certainty I will be on call that weekend or have some major kid-related activity here at the house that will stop me from going.

  2. Art festival season started here, too. It can go on only for so long, then it gets too hot. I always look forward to the last one here in Lakeland, Mayfaire on Lake Morton. By then, it's so hot, it has earned the nickname "Bake by the Lake."

    I'm with you on the looking vs. shopping - I rarely buy anything.