Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Half empty or half full?

This morning I took the dog out for her daily dootie call and found it was 49 degrees. The weatherguessers tell us it will top out today in the upper 70's....perfect. Then I remembered....it's already April. :(

If it had been the exact same weather but in October, I would have typed :)

Why the difference? I know that in just a few short months it will be 100+ degrees here, and my 5 month ordeal will just be beginning. If this were October my ordeal would be over until next year. Calendars play mind games with me.

Don't tell me you Yankees are any different. It's just that your sense of seasonal dread/relief is reversed.

Oh well, it is what it is.


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  1. we had warm days the last week... up to 24°C (75°F), but now it's back down to 15°C (59°F)...typical April!

    you might enjoy browsing here...it's of the town I now live in and where I am now a tour guide.