Thursday, April 14, 2011

My cynical mind at work

My motto: "Nothing is as it seems."

I heard on the radio today that a congressman/Senator (can't remember who or which party) will be introducing legislation to take "Obama-care" out of the hands of the Federales and instead give states their proportional share of the funding and let them decide how to spend the money. The idea is that folks on the local, or at least the state level, are more trustworthy to spend taxpayer dollars on health care for their citizens than Washington is.

My knee-jerk reaction: AMEN!

But then my cynical mind kicked into gear and I could see a dark side to this. I can imagine 50 state governors hearing this, their eyes growing big as saucers, drooling like big fat cows, saying, "Yee-Haw! BIG, juicy, state contracts for ALL my buddies! (Read: big campaign contributors.)

No sir, with that many BILLIONS of $$$$$ just dropping out of the sky, I wouldn't trust any politician to spend it wisely. There's just too much room for shenanigans.

Am I over-thinking this?



  1. It sounds exactly like what would happen but then I'm Canadian and hoped for a single payer system all along.

  2. Wouldn't argue the need, Joan, but who could be trusted to honestly administer it?