Friday, April 22, 2011


All Friday's are good, but this one feels absolutely euphoric. I'm SOOOOOO ready for the weekend. Yesterday bit me in the butt. People who were supposed to show didn't. One that wasn't due until Friday suddenly showed and sprung a doozie...and not a good one...on me. It was a "one step forward and two steps backward" kind of day.

Good Friday will be a slow day at work, as it should. I'm just ready to vegetate.

My daughter's neighborhood is having a community garage sale the weekend after Easter, and we're going to clean out the warehouse and our storage room here at our apartment and unload some some near-priceless heirlooms there. I should probably start digging through what's in storage. So much for "vegetating". Now where did I put that poker-playing-dog picture?

Have a good Good Friday everyone. :)



  1. Amen, I've been working way too hard lately. So happy to see this weekend. I got lucky though and had a three day weekend.