Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cars and Coffee, January, 2014

But first, a conversation (soliloquy?) I had with K this morning:

K:  I only have two real hobbies....books, coffee, and chocolate.

ME:  Wha....What?  (She's like a female Yogi Berra!)

I suspected the January Cars and Coffee wouldn't be that great as the weather wasn't, either.  The temp was only in the 30's, but the wind was really kicking up making it pretty miserable.  I managed to stay warm enough, but I think my eyeballs are windburned.  Ouch!

I did manage to see well enough to appreciate this beautiful Morgan, though. It's even the right color (IMO) for an English sports car...British Racing Green.

While it wasn't cherry, and in fact looked to have been "well enjoyed", I still like this era Porsche 911.

A badge on the rear identified this car as a proud member of the "Porsche 356 Tub Club".  He/she also appears to do a lot of vintage racing.

This one is for you, Doug.  As I recall you liked the Porsche 968.

The agony and the ecstasy....those nasty 1970-ish government mandated bumpers on an otherwise very nice BMW 2002.

There seemed to be a lot of the "boy racer" types out today.

I'll at least give this Mazda owner some style points.

No points, though, for this VeeDub refugee from the frozen tundra, aka Canada. It must have been a slow trip south, what with those tires rubbing the inside of the fender wells like that.

This little egg-looking thing is winning a lot of praise from the automotive press these days.  It's a ST model Ford....umm...."egg-looking thing". 

A slick '56 Cheeeevy.

And a '57 from my yout, too.

'57 was a good year for Thunderbirds also.

I'm guessing this Lamborghini Murcielago owner, billing himself as "the Violin Guy", is writing off his car as a business expense.   That, or he's the ultimate narcissist.

There are always a lot of photographers at Cars and Coffee, for obvious reason.  This guy, however, had the coolest set up I've seen yet.  He could raise and lower his camera and still maintain the perfect  angle to view his subject.  A definite "Big Boy Toy".

You've heard of "chick cars"?  This lady wore her "chick-ness" loud and proud!

Which begs the question....why do some model cars, like this BMW Z3, get a reputation for being a "chick car"?  Another is a Mazda Miata.  Why?  What is it about a car that makes it a chick car?  Anybody....?

That's my take on Cars and Coffee for this month.  :)


  1. Chick cars are "cute"
    The Morgan is my far
    K has two hobbies 1. Books 2. Coffee and Chocolate - Do you not at least understand woman 101?

    1. Ha! You used "understand" and "women" in the same sentence. ;)

  2. I imagine a chick car looks cool but at a certain speed scares women into seeking the protection of your embrace, which is distracting for the driver and risks both of their lives. Nothing is more erotic than that!

  3. Exactly right on the British Green for any English sports rocket.

  4. Checked with my K and she says Coffee is not a hobby, it is just below air in life necessities.

    Thanks for the great car show pics. Too poor to own one, but glad some people keep them in shape and show them.

    1. in's true coffee is more than a hobby... when the sentence "take away my coffee and I stick you" runs through your head it's definitely upgraded to at least a passion.

  5. I was driving the Gulf Miata today. I don't understand how any car can be designated a "chick car", especially a Miata. I would assume that a chick car would be a car that just gets you from A-B, that might be a pretty color but otherwise no variation from your generic car. The Miata is only a stereotyped car for those who know nothing about cars. You can't go to any sort of racing event associated with the SCCA or HPDEs around the metroplex without seeing more Miatas than any other car.

  6. Never mind all the cars and coffee...I wanted to take a close look at the photographer's camera and tripod. See, if I had gone with you and K, my post would have been titled The three C's - cars, coffee, and cameras.

    1. So be here on Saturday, February 1, 2014 and we can all go. I'll check out the cars, you can check out the photography stuff, and K can remind us every 5 minutes of the time and ask us if we can go yet. :)

    2. Hey! If it exactly 76 degrees and not too windy and just breezy enough I will have a fine time :)

  7. Miata's and car such as that are probably considered chick cars because if you are a big guy (big or tall or both) trying to wedge yourself into ....well you look a bit silly eh?

    as I recall you had to duck a bit to see out of the last MX-5 we test drove.

  8. maybe Violin Guy has more skills than just the violin :)

  9. I was reading an article about Jerry Seinfeld today that said along with his 40 million dollar annual income, his estimated worth of 800 million dollars, and his private jet . . . he also owns some 40 Porsches! Now that seems excessive to me. Seems he could have bought at least one Morgan. (BTW, what is that leather belt for anyway.)

    1. It's probably cosmetic now, but in the old days that's how the hood ("bonnet" to a Limey) was held down. Next time I see one I'll examine it more carefully and report back.

  10. Ha ha ha. If I'm the Doug you're referring to, a 968 was 80% new parts and 20% 944. It's ok, but it's no 928 :-)

    Would like that tripod setup, not that I'd likely use it much, but it would look cool in my living room :-)

    Just as an aside, and maybe this is a Windows issue, but I cannot make comments via Firefox or Chrome browsers. They both just log me out. People can say what they want about IE, but it works more reliably. Also, all of Google's sites suck :-)

  11. Woah, all the cars look fantastic, don't they? Would be nice to wake up with one of these bad boys in my garage. I wouldn't mind going for a classic like the Morgan, hehe! Thanks for sharing photos of the event, it's just amazing how far we've come in terms of car innovation. Good day!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bobb Dunn Hyundai