Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You live by technology, you die by technology

Technology really kicked my ass yesterday.  My business email just vanished.  Pffffft!  I can't access my business website, and my email can't forward (link?) over to my personal email account.  I used to log in to my personal Yahoo account, then I could skip back and forth between the two emails....been doing it that way for years.

And I use my biz email as my "paper trail".  I have thousands of emails saved, available to refer back to if needed.  Where'd they go?  

K says they're on a cloud somewhere, but I have no idea which one.  So what am I supposed to do?  Call Google, Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, the NSA, etc and ask 'em if they have my stuff?  And if they do, I'm sure they're gonna want a password.  

"Sure, here's 50....let's try 'em all and see if one of them works."  I'll be "locked out" after the first 3 and have the FBI after me for suspicion of hacking.  DUH!

And on a non-technology matter, even dinner kicked my ass, too.  The little jingle on TV said, "Any footlong Subway sandwich....$5 all month long."  So I went to get K and me a footlong Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt for dinner last night.  They made it, toasted it, put on my toppings, wrapped it up, and then said, "That will be $7.75."  

"Umm....what happened to $5?"

She pointed to the small print on the bottom of the menu 15 feet up in the air, 30 feet behind the counter.  It said, "Any footlong except the Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt".  Those bastards!

Then back home I pulled up my ATT Uverse app on my iPad to check the TV schedule and it said I had no favorites saved.  Bullshit!  

It wants me to look through 800 channels just to find the 10 or so I actually watch?  I've been looking at it every evening for months.  I know I have them saved.  Where'd they go?  

Then I tried to log out and then back in, and it said it couldn't find the server.  It...couldn't...find...the...server?  How do you lose an entire $%^& server?  Aren't they the size of a refrigerator?

Is there some weird sunspot activity going on?  I mean, why me?  Why couldn't it smite Iran or North Korea or Cleveland?




  1. For Christmas, MY WIFE got me a wonderful little back-up for the computer. Now I'll be able to know, securely, that everything is someplace else if if really does GO someplace else!

  2. This would all be very funny except...well actually it didn't happen to me, so it is funny...
    sorry, I know it isn't funny, hope you can get your stuff back.

  3. I recently purchased one of the back-up devices Suldog mentioned. It does make you breathe easier. Computers make many things easier but they also cause problems you couldn't have otherwise imagined. I hope you're able to retrieve your files.

    1. can we have the name of said backup device....

  4. Very Funny Post!
    About a year ago, my blog for 3 years leading up to retirement and beyond, disappeared and I never have found it since. Perhaps the NSA has the only copy, but it was my boring, poorly written blog and not a big loss.
    I made a post yesterday about the sea shells and sand we live on and spoke to a guy drilling holes. We be living on a unstable island IMO.

  5. I think Karma may be an Indian Goddess ... and you spoke in a not-so-flattering way about Indians the other day. LOL. Karma is a bitch, and she never forgets.

    Seriously, though, I know what a pain it is. I hope you find all your files and clouds and stuff.

  6. Our work computers have all been upgraded so everyday has been just like you described. Exhausting to find anything. Aarrrgh!