Friday, January 10, 2014

More grocery store follies....

As I've written about in the past, I do all our household grocery shopping.  Being (sorta) retired I have the time, and frankly I don't mind doing it.  When K grocery shops she just wanders around scratching whatever itches.  There's no telling what she'll come home with.  I go with a list, and I come back with only those things on the list.  :)

I was doing pretty well yesterday until I came to the cereal aisle.  That's where K had requested "normal brand granola".  As opposed to what?  Abnormal brand granola?  I don't remember ever buying any granola before.

On the 50-yard-long cereal aisle I finally found granola.  Oh Crap!  Nature Valley Granola, Wild Roots Granola, Pure Fit, Bear Naked, Cascadia, Go Raw, Heartland, Kashi....on and on.


K:  Yo.  Sup?

ME:  Which brand granola do you want?

K:  I liked what you bought last time.

ME:  Whatdayamean "last time"?  I don't remember a last time.  Was it in a bag or a box?

K:  A smallish box, I think.

ME:  Small-ish?  I'll need more than that.

K:  Get the one with raisins in it.

I couldn't find one with raisins.  I found one with dried up little blueberries, though.  She eats breakfast before the sun comes up, and she's usually half asleep....they're both sorta purple/blue....I wonder if she'll know the difference?    

Nah, better not.  With my luck....


K:  Yo.  Sup?

ME:  No raisins.  What's plan B?

K:  Just get something you'll like in case I don't.

ME:  I'm not strapping on a feed bag.  No sirree.

(I bought Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey.  We'll see tomorrow if I'm a hero or a goat.)

Towards the end of the list she asked for "face wash, see text msg for photo"

Cool!  This oughta be a slam dunk!

So I found the soap aisle, and it was Oh Crap! time again.  I found the Neutrogena section....they had body bars, body wash, body scrub, body gel, green tea flavor, pink grapefruit flavor....  *gimme a break*

Then I remembered they had a lotion section a few aisles over.  Maybe it was there.

Ha!  Dream on.  I finally showed an "associate" my picture and she said, in heavily accented jive, "That's over in faces."

WTF does that mean?

Turns out they have a whole section of stuff just to clean faces.  They had Neutrogena facial mask, rapid wrinkle repair, fresh foaming cleaner, makeup remover, daily cleaner, hydrating cleaner....

With a look on my face like a little whipped puppy, a lady with really big hair (hereafter known as Edna) saw my despair and took pity on me ...."What's a matter Sugar?"

I showed her the picture of the stuff I was looking for and she said, "Here ya go Sweetie.  Purifying facial cleaner."

For the record, it was the last bottle left, and it was at about mid-shin shelf height.  (I only buy stuff above waist height.  I have yet to find anything at a grocery store that's worth me bending over for.)  If it wasn't for Edna I'd still be looking.  *thanks E*


I'm so glad I'm a man.  Cheerios.  Irish Spring top to bottom.  Maybe some of that anti-chafing stuff in the summer.  Life is good.  

Happy weekend everyone.  :)



  1. If I didn't get stuff that was ankle high, I'd walk out empty handed. ALL the stuff I like is CLASSIC or ORIGINAL or vintage or retro or something. Whether it is cheerios (once only one kind) saltines (ditto) kraft macaroni dinner (etc) or whatever I want to get that I have been getting for half a century, it is NOT at eye level or even waist level. Maybe back doctors own the grocery store. fin

    1. Maybe you're right, fin. I remember seeing a new Bentley parked in front of the Texas Back Institute with a bumper sticker that said, "Eat only classic/original/vintage/retro stuff". ;)

  2. I hate shopping. Mrs. C. goes down ever aisle, even the pet food aisle and we don't currently have a pet. Like you, I make a list and when I come home there's nothing in the bag that wasn't on the list. Except for a few things I was smart enough to eat on the ride home.

  3. I make a list, but I don't mind coming home with extra stuff. What I hate is when I come home without something on the list (which happens more often than you might imagine!).

    I was laughing at your description of trying to find the facial lotion - in my head I went "nope, not there" & "nope, not there!" Ha!

    1. Next time I go to the store, I want you navigating, at least in the girlie section. :)

  4. I'm less concerned about facial cleanser...I'm worried about what kind of "gator aid" is stocked in aisle 14/15!

    1. Actually they need lots of aid here in semi-arid North Texas, what with the nearest swamp being in Louisiana. ;)

  5. My K does all the complex shopping, I grab milk, butter, taters, peppers and meat if given a list. I despise going on the once a month buy everything shopping trip. Since I added many snacks and fun foods, I get left home for that one now.

  6. Scott hates hates hates when I go to the grocery store with him.... I usually lag behind an aisle or two studying a box of whatever struck my fancy....LOL. My issue is I don't always know what kind of snacks or food I want at the time he shoves the list in my hand.....this usually leads to an extra trip to the store for me LOL

    Good post My Love! I mean how boring would your life be without me :)