Friday, January 17, 2014

So now I've pissed off Germany, too?

"I had...a bad...experience!"  from The Italian Job.

Earlier this week I said some rather disparaging things about India, and immediately my technology tools all went kaput.  This necessitated a call to Yahoo customer service, which of course is contracted out to a couple of semi-English speaking idiots in....INDIA!   It has been suggested to me this was simply Karma coming home to roost with a vengeance.  (NOTE:  Just as I typed this, the battery compartment door on my wireless keyboard popped open and the batteries fell out.  That's creepy!)

Yesterday my car's driver side power window wouldn't open, and I remembered there was a fuse that controlled just the driver's side front window.  The other 3 windows worked fine.  So while I was out making my rounds I stopped in to my mechanic and asked him to please check it.

He got in my car (an Audi), turned on the key, hit the "down" switch....and it came down.  DAMN!  So it was just me?  Am I jinxed or what?

Then he tried to close it, and just as happened to me....nothing.  Now it was stuck down*.  Yes.  I AM jinxed.

What have I done to piss off Germany?  I like Germany, especially their cars.  *sigh*

I need the weekend to hurry up and get here.  *pout*


*They got it back up temporarily. It wasn't the fuse.   Replacement parts are coming pronto from Canada.  I'm just thankful they aren't coming from #$%^& India.  ;)


  1. Maybe you should just not blog for a day or two.

  2. Did you know that Buddhism,India's primary religion, has over eight million deities. And now you've gone and angered the techno gods.

    1. That's OK, Steve. I figure this computer fad has pretty much run it's course anyway. ;)


  3. If I were you, I'd stay in bed for a few days, do some fasting and/or cleansing, say some Hail Mary's... and get ready for one more bad thing. You do know this stuff happens in threes? Maybe not take your cell phone into the bathroom with you.

  4. Wow! I had a friend once and he owned an Audi. It was a sharp looking car, but when it broke down, Yikes it cost a lot to fix. It had the battery right at the edge of the windshield under the hood, like some VW cars I have worked on. Great place to put it.
    My post last night was the listing for RV people needed in Seward Alaska to work in Sealife Center. Perhaps you could borrow a RV and miss out on the Dallas 106 degree oven temps this Summer.

  5. I think Tom and/or Kathy's suggestion is a really good one - & heading to Alaska would GUARANTEE that you would see some snow. :)