Thursday, January 2, 2014

Which is bigger, a quart or a pint? I knew I should have paid more attention during Home Ec...

I've got this.

When I was in college I had already maxed out all the courses I could take in both my major and minor by the start of my senior year, so I was free to take more electives.  Not wanting to put any undue strain on my brain, I had planned to sign up for a class in the School of Home Economics.  It was called "household equipment", but we called it "pots and pans".

Unfortunately all the jocks beat me to it because they were given priority registration, so I had to settle for another grade-point course called "home and family life".  Turns out I hit a home run with that one as there were 44 girls and just 4 of us guys in the class.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, but before I could sign up for another course or two in the School of Home Economics I graduated with a sympathy degree, or as my dad called it, a BA in BS.

To this day I have no idea what they taught in the School of Home Economics.  I remember they still taught it in high school back then, before it became un-PC, but of course no self-respecting boy would take HomeEconomicsEwwww (one word) so my knowledge of it is just hearsay.  

The rumor was they taught cooking, sewing, etc, but I don't see how you could spend 4 years at the college level just cooking and sewing.   Am I missing something?  (Feel free to enlighten me, please.)  I guess Home Ec majors just had to slug it out with psychology majors after graduation in the real-world job market.*  Ouch!

*  Remember the old joke?...."You know how many psychology majors you can get in the back of a pick-up truck?  Two, 'cause you've gotta leave room for the lawnmowers."  *poor psychies*  They should have aimed higher, like me:  I got to DRIVE the pick-up truck.  :)



  1. We didn't have "pots and pans" our gut was music appreciation or "Tunes"

    1. I tried music appreciation, too, but they made us listen to, and take a test on, some Italian opera. Big problem....I didn't speak opera. Or Italian.

  2. I have no idea what they taught - I took accounting instead in high school & I don't think they had that at my college. My senior year I took Peasant Economies, Badminton & Racquetball to fill up my schedule :)

  3. We had Home Ec back in high school but I don't know anyone who took it. Maybe it should have been mandatory for everyone. Some guys should really learn how to boil water.

  4. I'm thinking that Emeril and Diane von Furstenberg might have some issues with being thrown into the same pot as psych majors...

    I went to high school in Germany. My electives were French and Italian. I thought that might go well with the English and Latin we had to take. They also offered Russian and Spanish.