Monday, January 20, 2014

On the podium at the Winter Olympics

I love the Winter Olympics, and they'll be starting in just a few weeks.  Woo Hoo!

I enjoy them more than the Summer Olympics because the events seem much more exotic, at least to this Texas boy.  I mean, I can swim, just not as fast as Michael Phelps.  And I can run, just not as fast as that gazelle from Jamaica.  I've thrown a shot put, and somehow avoided squashing my own feet.  Ride a bicycle....check.  And I've been on parallel bars, too....I even managed a non-lethal dismount.  Been there, done that.  *thank you....thank you very much*

But I've never been on a bobsled. (I've never even seen a boblsed.)   I think that would be a hoot!  I'd be happy just to be the #4 guy, sitting back there holding on for dear life. 

Or the luge.  I'd love to give that a try.  Even if I couldn't steer, I would think you'd just bounce off the sides of that chute a little and let gravity do the rest.  Right?

Skating....OK, I have done that. ( We have ice skating rinks inside malls here.)  But I didn't go very fast.  In fact, if I'd been going that slow on a bicycle I would have fallen over.

Oooo....downhill skiing!  I can't imagine what it would be like to be going 80mph on skis!

The one event that most appeals to me, though, is ski jumping.  It combines my fascination with flying and my love of mountains and (no offense Yankee friends) snow.

Imagine stepping out onto that incline thing and getting up a head of steam and at the end, giving it a supreme spring and....

....then you're flying.  :)  How cool would that be?  I wonder how those guys got started?  Think I could do it?

Sure, I doubt my form would be all that good at first.

I'm sure it's not easy.  Still, how hard could it really be?

 I mean, gravity will see to it that you get to the bottom, one way or another.

*gulp*  Or, I could just sit in my den and watch the Olympics on TV.  

 Just like I've been doing ever since 1960.  Yeah, let's go with that.  They can just mail me my medal later.  (Besides, I don't think I'd look very good in Spandex.)  

I can't wait!  :)



  1. Yeah, the one time I tried to ski I looked like that face-plant guy - ha! Our favorite winter Olympic sport is curling :)

  2. If I could pick a winter sport to excel at it would probably be ski jumping. When I was a kid I had many fantasies about flying and this sport certainly comes close to that.

  3. I don't know why, but the Olympics are just not that big a deal to me as they once were. I guess it is just another professional sports show. I will root for the Jamaicans! "Go Mon Go!"

  4. I have wondered about your site name FLIGHT PLAN which reeks of safety and then LOWANDSLOW which is what we never wanted to be on short final ( sure crash ). Perhaps you could explain that to me.

    I have never been athletic, sure I was ass kicking on the 50 yard dash in the 3rd grade, but as an adult only became King of the Bunny Hill. Yes I survived some double diamonds and was on a downhill ski team in my 30's, but never became one with sports.

    I just hope all the players have a good time and get home safe. Imagine a world with no religion......

    1. Tom....try flying in an open-cockpit WWII era biplane (PT-17 for example). That's pretty much all it can low and slow. ;)

    2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have taken a ride in a WACO and loved it, yep Low Oily and Slow.

  5. The last time I really, really watched the Olympics was when Mark Spitz won all those medals in Munich. I've been to that same pool, sadly not at the same time as Mark Spitz. I wanted to be Mrs. Spitz then... *sigh*

    1. Don't know about Mark Spitz these days, but I understand Bruce Jenner is available. ;)