Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pimp my Olympic team

Have you ever watched "Pimp My Ride"?  It's a TV show where they take bland, unappealing cars and highly customize...."pimp"....them until they become desirable (?).  They're usually really over the top:

I'm guessing that show is popular in Norway, too, or at least with the Norwegian Olympic Curling team, as evidenced by their uniforms....

Business attire

...and when they want to step out on the town.  So much for the calm, introverted Scandinavians, huh? :)

OMG!  Even the host Russians are making a fashion statement!  (I just wish they'd learn how to smile.)

Spain is tarting up, too.

Which leaves the USA.  We look like the valet parking attendants at the Ritz Carlton (circa 1972).  Is it too late for a mad shopping spree of those cool hip stores 63-year-old white men aren't allowed in?


Speaking of the upcoming Olympics, I also read that the Rooskies are trying to spiff up their image with their international guests attending the Sochi Winter Games.  Here is a restroom facility at one of the venue sites.  Quite modern, eh?....

It's actually an upgrade from back in the Commie days when a "two holer" was just that....two holes in the ground. Oddly, the two toilets have to share one roll of toilet paper.  I guess that's one way to get people to work together.  ;)

Peace, out.



  1. That last photo really makes you think hard about who your friends are. I can't imagine who I'd want to share that bathroom stall with.

  2. Those Europeans know how to dress. Wth is up with our uniforms? Doesn't look very American to me.

  3. I can't figure out that second picture. Is it a normal sized car with little tiny wheels. Or normal sized wheels on a humongous (sp?) car?

  4. I don't mind the neighborly urinals, but I draw the line at company when I have to drop anchor!
    Our uniforms look like party time at the Yacht Club.
    Finally, I'm with Bruce...what is that with the wheels?

  5. Best I can tell, guys, those are little tiny wheels on a full size car. I doubt it's street would likely get stuck on top of even a small speed bump.

  6. Toilets remind me of being out of country, but they were ten side by side and no walls at all. Ah the memories.

  7. LOVE the curlers' uniforms! It's our favorite winter sport (I said that already didn't I?). :)

  8. Especially that restroom picture has me wondering about their stance on gays...