Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yankee tumbleweeds

Well here it is before 9am and I've already learned about something new today:  snow rollers.  I'd never heard of such things.  Be honest now, had you heard of them before?

Course, I'm not too well versed on the phenomenon peculiar to the frozen north.  I did live for a year in Illinois when I was a toddler, but all I remember about it was the HOT babysitter who lived next door.  Never anything about snow rolls.

I saw this on TV this morning.  How cool is that?  The wind blows so hard it just rolls the snow up layer by layer.

The closest I've seen are rolls of hay, and they're not nearly as picturesque.

And tumbleweeds.  West Texas at it's finest!

That's all I have.  My mind has drawn a blank.  I'll try and find something to write about tomorrow that will leave you spellbound.  :)



  1. They showed those on the news this morning. They are pretty cool. On the shore of Lake Michigan a couple weeks ago there were ice balls from the waves the cold. Nature is a pretty good sculptor eh?

  2. I saw those - in Ohio - yesterday. Though I grew up in snow and cold country I don't remember ever seeing those before.

  3. Nice post. I've never heard of them. Learnt something new thanks. We only have round rolled hay in my neck of the woods in Germany. They have a machine that wraps them in plastic to keep them safe from the weather.

  4. I've never seen them...I think it has to get really really cold. I first heard of them yesterday at Joanne's blog http://cuponthebus.blogspot.com/2014/01/back-to-center-and-other-nonsense-from.html .

    Great term, Yankee Tumbleweeds. If I ever see'm that is what I'm going to call them!

  5. I've never seem snow rollers before. Now I don't need to learn anything else today. Thanks.

  6. Mike's university posted pictures of them yesterday - they were all over campus. I think they look like snowy hay rolls too :)

  7. These things were mentioned on the news here, too. The weather guy called them "Ohio tumbleweeds." I immediately thought of Dana and Mike.