Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zachary Disease

Checking the internet this morning I found a photo gallery of new production and concept cars being shown at the North American Auto Show.  This one seems to be getting a lot of attention:

It's a Toyota FT-1.  They say this will be their new design template, enabling them to break out of the Boring (capital B) rut they've been in for the past 20 years.  They make good cars, no doubt.   They're just....meh....to look at.  

But not this one.  Unfortunately, as seen from this angle at least, it seems to have a serious case of Zachary Disease....its face looks Zachary like my ass.

And here's the new 2014 Audi S8.

No, wait, it's the old 2010 Audi S8....or is it the 2003 Audi S8?  Or a really cherry 1999 Audi S8?  Remember when cars were redesigned every year?  (If you do then you're "mature" like me.)

Hold on....better angle.  We're good.

And the hot, new Testarossa.  *bang!*

And finally, my favorite, this really slick 2007 Audi "Paid For".  :)



  1. This is why even though I'm in Detroit I stopped caring about the North American International Car Show a long time ago. Concept cars are nice but I'll give a crap when I can see it parked in my neighbor's garage. The rest are all such minor changes that it doesn't matter.

  2. Ah, the paid for model, definitely my favorite as well.

  3. I prefer the style and artistry of vintage cars, such as those from the thirties and forties, back when gas was ten cents a gallon.

  4. I remember when we would go out in high school in one of our father's cars. Drive around, go the drive-in, and at the end of the night pool all our change together and fill up the car with gas. Those were the days.

  5. My old 47/48 Chevvy served me well back in the day. Well, o.k. Way back in the day.

  6. Another fan of the "paid for" model here!