Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring on the $5 gas!

Hell, make it $6 a gallon. We Americans never do anything without a Super-Sized incentive.


In most ways I'm almost Libertarian-like in my attitude as to how you live your life. You want to blow your entire paycheck filling up your Hummer with gas? Go ahead. It's your money. What do I care?'s the caveat: If you want to spend YOUR money buying American-produced crude oil, or oil from Canada or some other country who largely shares our values, go ahead. But if you want to spend your money buying gas made from oil extracted from some foreign (read: Middle Eastern) land, a land where they revile Americans and use their earnings to support anti-American groups WHO WANT TO KILL US, or at least ruin our economy, I say, "Whoa there big guy. Now you're stepping on MY toes, and I don't like it."

At $5 or $6 a gallon, it won't be long before before we park all of our gas hogs and get reasonable about our fuel consumption. It would be a painful transition, I know, but how else are we going to escape the grasp of all those oil producers who want to harm us?

I personally don't give a rats ass about Libya, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or any of the rest of them. But as long as they have the oil, and we need said oil, we're captive. And that bugs me no end.

And somebody explain to me again why we're giving (many of them) foreign aid?

Rant over.


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  1. The Arabs are dependent on food from us. The higher oil goes the more costly it is for them to eat...They get rather cranky when that happens.

    I blame speculators in this matter..The Saudi Oil minister says technically oil shouldn't be trading above 70.00