Monday, March 28, 2011

Faded glory

Today on my way to visit one of my jobsites I took a road I hadn't been on before. Mainly I just wanted to know where it went. I do that now and then because....I dunno....I'm just weird. Anyway, I happened upon this old wreck rusting away in a field:

The hand-painted "5" on the side intrigued me. I wonder what the story behind the number was? I wonder how many races he won, if only in his dreams, in this fine machine? I wonder where he, or she, is today?


  1. Not weird at all. I've come across some of the neatest things, just by walking to see where the sidewalk went!

    Nice picture, the sepia is perfect for it. Five...hmmm. Five children being hauled around to wherever kids need to go?

  2. it would be interesting to find out the story behind that car. I'm sure it was some kids pride and joy at one time.

  3. All the more reason to take backroads, S! This is where you find the fiber of people's lives.

  4. I always take a different path just in case I discover something new. getting stuck in a rut sucks...

  5. I'm the same way, I like taking roads I've never been down before. It's fun and once I chanced upon a great diner in the middle of nowhere Charleston county.

    Great picture! There is definitely a story behind that car.