Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interesting observation

Well, it's interesting to me at least....

In my previous position I had to be at work very early, so I up around 5 am, took the dog out for her dootie call, then got myself showered and dressed and off to work. Now that I'm back building custom homes, the same sequence of events starts around 6 am.

By 5:30 am+/- the few cars on the road are either, a: 10 year old wrecks usually hitting on less than their original number of cylinders, or b: the biggest, fanciest luxo-barges made. I'm guessing the former are the minimum wage workers going to work to mop the floors, stock the shelves, etc, before business opens for the day, and the latter are the workaholic top executives getting an early start on out-foxing the competition.

By 6:30 am+/- all the worker bees begin to clog the roads in their Honda's, Toyota's....what I'll call "middle class" cars.

I've found this to be a consistent pattern. Is it like this in your area?



  1. In my neck of the woods it starts at 5 a.m. and the big trucks are on the road hauling our goods to their destinations (grocery stores, shopping centers, etc). A variety of cars are on the road and there is really no pattern. Seems like there are more 'junks' on the road and many just might be headed out just as you described.

    By 6 or 7 you've got all kinds of vehicles headed in all directions. Mostly big trucks though, hauling a horse trailer, stock trailer. Lot's of pick-up trucks and service vehicles are seen at this time. Perhaps many are driving to the Metroplex.

    Then by 8, there's the middle class cars dodging in between the tractor trailers and service vehicles.

    And everyone's talking on their cell phone. That, my friend, is the common denominator.

  2. Never thought of it that way. We have The worlds largest Navy base here and lots of shipping industry. The cars are all over the place. We also have a lot of Ships/trains and trucks coming out of the Port of Norfolk.

    Most of our folks are working class and so we rarely see the uber expensive cars on the road. I live in the priciest neighborhood in the city and confess many of my neighbors are loaded for bear with their cars.

    My perspective is warped.

    Cell phones are the devil. I like the fact you are back to building custom homes.


  3. My interesting observation - since I drive by the local high school every morning on my way to work - are the vehicles the kids are driving. My guess is that about 80% of them are more expensive than mine.

    Dang, didn't pick my parents right!

  4. Pretty much the same, give or take. The area I live is upwardly middle class with more than a few high-end BMW's, Benz's, and Jags doing warp speed to wherever people like them go.

    The soccer/stay-at-home moms from such families are the scary ones. Three years ago I had to go by my son's school to drop something off and some cell phone talking mom driving an Excursion spend twenty minutes trying to back her boat into a parking space.

    All she had to do was go to the far end of the parking lot where there were plenty of empty spaces or hang up the cell phone but she did not. That mom blocked me and two other people waiting to get out and head back to work in our lower middle class cars.