Sunday, March 27, 2011

You make do with what you have

Yesterday the weather was perfect....low 80's, sunny, a little breeze. This morning, not so perfect....40's and windy. Still, it's the weekend, so we'll make the best of it.

Last night K and I ventured out on to "Fun Street", the main drag that runs through our neighborhood. Although you can't really feel the vibe on the street from a photo, trust me, things were lively:

There were hundreds of people crawling all over the place, with long waits at most of the outdoor-seating cafes. I even saw numerous hotel mini-busses bringing their guests to our neighborhood for an evening of fun and revelry. It can get pricey, so we usually eat at home before we venture out. We sat outside Ginger Man and had a cold beverage, then the cool front came through, the wind direction changed, and we ducked inside for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately the front brought with it even MORE pollen. Ah-choo! My sinuses are so swollen I swear there are bags under the bags under my eyes.

This evening we've invited my friend Neil over for dinner. Now that I've discovered how nice our outdoor grill setup is here in our common courtyard, I'm itching to grill some cow. Not having my own grill has been one of the most difficult things to get used to since we moved into our comfy little apartment. The menu: New York strip steak and baked potato. (Notice the lack of green vegetables? That's because I planned the menu. *wink*)

Hope y'all have a fun day planned.



  1. where are my green veggies? At least there is steak!

  2. My sinuses are killing me as well. It rained most of the weekend here and I figure the pollen will be back with a vengenace on Tuesday when it is suppose to clear up.