Monday, March 21, 2011

A turtle kind of day....with EDIT

The turtles in / around our small neighborhood man-made lake were out catchin' some rays today. Four of them managed to congregate on top of the water overflow inlet, but as I got close enough for a photo they turned shy on me. Only this one by the steps would pose for me:

Being outside all weekend gave me the first signs of a summer tan, but just turned K red, and boy-o-boy have I heard about it! I told her she should be grateful she got her minimum daily requirement of vitamin D. I don't think she bought it. *shaking head*

A wonderful dinner and an evening of Top Gear on BBC America awaits. Tell me again what's so bad about Mondays?


EDIT....Top Gear is a British TV show with a (loosely) car theme. Tonight they put a British comedian in a car for a drive, and I swear I had NO IDEA what he said. I've never heard a brogue that indecipherable before. I asked K what he said, and she was clueless, too. The host was laughing, the audience was laughing, and I was just hoping for subtitles. Bizarre.

On the other hand, if I were on Top Gear, I wonder if they could understand Texan?

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