Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sleeping around

Here in north Texas it's been bone dry and windy for weeks. Add to that all the trees in bloom and all the new grass growing (and the old grass rotting), and you have one helluva lot of pollen and mold flying around. Most of it winds up in my nose for me to sniff and snort and sneeze away.

Thanks to my allergy med I can handle all that. The bad part, however, is that when I lay my head on my pillow at night, my head begins to get stuffy. Before long, usually just after I've fallen asleep, I revert to breathing through my mouth, followed shortly by some very offensive snoring.

Next comes the sharp elbow in the ribs telling me to turn over, or just do something to nix the snoring. I wish it were that easy! So to save my dear wife's decent night sleep, I drag myself to the other bedroom and sleep on the little twin bed. It's actually quite comfortable, but it isn't the same. I just don't see the attraction to sleeping around. *hee hee! You thought I meant....*



  1. It's lonely in the giant bed all by myself :(

  2. I snore sometimes. I call it the chainsaw wars!!!

    I have no control over what happens once I fall asleep.


  3. Both my wife and I snore, so the one that suffers is usually the last one to bed.

  4. Oh my goodness, I undertand every bit of this. REcently I started sleeping on the sofa under my favorite quilt in the living room for my husband at about 2 a.m. turns on the grader at the lumber mill. And it is loud. I love him so. There must be a solution to this.