Saturday, March 12, 2011

Could it get any worse? Actually, yes it could.....and did. plus EDIT

As if things weren't bad enough in Japan after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history, now one of their nuclear power plants has blown up. Those poor people can't buy a break! God help them. Let's hope the radiation leak is minimal...and isn't blowing our way.

I'd hate to be a nuclear power plant salesman right now. His job just got much harder. Maybe they'll have a two-fer sale soon, or offer factory rebates. Seriously, this incident probably added years to the approval process for any new nuclear power plant applications.

We went to Cru wine bar & restaurant last night with one of K's co-workers and her date. Wonderful atmosphere, good wine (so I'm told....I'm not into wines), OK food. Good 'intelligence' bonanza.

75 degrees and sunny here today. I'm thinking shorts. Hope my winter-white legs don't cause a panic. Grilling hamburgers and sausage later this afternoon in our courtyard:

It's really very nice. I don't know why we haven't used it more before now. That will change as the weather gets nicer, I promise.



  1. As a full-fledged and proud tree hugger who believes in climate change I still say nukes are not only an important part in reducing green house gases but to break the back of imported oil with the production and use of my hybrid and electric cars.

    I'd like to know just what happened over there, I heard they had two back up generators for the reactor coolant water. Even with the earthquake to have both fail is unusual.

    Just got finished with the weekend yardwork, my wife knows not to go all epic on me and keeps the list short. Yeah, its nice here as well but I'm calling it a day.

  2. you've been reading Bobby too much... it's his writing style you're copying! LOL

    Over here they're comparing the Japan nuk thing with Tsernobil (however you spell it) of 25 yrs ago. Now THAT was close to home... for me!