Sunday, March 20, 2011

The perfect Spring day.....

Today K and I took our newspaper, a snack, some liquid refreshment, and the dog and parked ourselves by the ce-ment pond in our neighborhood. Taking Emma Belle out around people, kids, and other dogs was a bold step for us as she is a notorious barker. She surprised us by being a perfect little lady, behaving herself and even making some new friends. Fortunately we live in a very dog friendly neighborhood, so everyone was happy to visit / pet her.

Feeling brave, we even walked her home via Bishop St, aka "Fun Street". It's a good thing we did, as I saw this immaculate (70's vintage?) Triumph TR6 parked curbside:

*Shhhh.....I'm having a flashback*

Back home now, brownies in the oven, home-made hamburgers for dinner later, then NetFlix movie night. Just about perfect, I'd say. Good evening, y'all. :)



  1. Sounds like a perfect day! The temperature was perfect wasn't it. But goodness, this wind is blowing so hard.

  2. Triumph TR6!?!?

    I love those cars, but with my tall frame I could not even begin to sit in one.

  3. I had that same car (1974.5 TR-6) in British Racing Green from my Senior year of high School all the way through College. I sold it when I got married as I didn't want my wife to get stranded in it.

    This one is French Blue.

    Loved the car but it required massive amounts of work. I swore off British anything after that vehicle.

    I would love to have one for Sunday Drives.

    He does need to get the redline radials from Michelin to make it period correct however.

    Instant smile on my face!!!