Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I ride the elevator in our apartment building at least 3 times a day. About 85% of the time it smells like nothing at all, which is OK. About 5% of the time it smell like cleaning supplies. Obviously the housekeepers have just been in, which is also OK. About 5% of the time it smells like ladies perfume...not too strong, not grandma-ish, but quite nice. I love her fragrance, whoever she is. Mmmmmm... :)

But about 5% of the time it smells like a smoker. Ugh! Gag! I don't know if someone had been smoking in there just before I got in (which is illegal in my city, but that's another story), or whether they are just such a heavy smoker the smell oozes from their pores. But whatever, it just reeks. That's what I had to smell tonight as I took Emma Belle out for her evening dootie call.

I try to be tolerant, but Jeez....take a bath, wash your hair, gargle, just do something, whoever you are.


  1. when I lived in my former apartment (8th floor) I often experienced the same. ugh!

  2. Smokers have an air about them that seems to linger wherever they go....YUK!