Monday, August 8, 2011

BIG news!

Yesterday as we were driving home from Fuzzy's Taco Shop K received a photo emailed to her by my youngest daughter, Erica.  It was of my 28-month-old grandson Parker (her only child) wearing a T-shirt that said, "I'm the BIG brother."  K made me pull over before she showed it to me.  :)

Earlier at dinner I received a phone call from Erica, but when I answered all I could hear was Parker babbling and some adults yapping in the background.  It seems Parker had butt-dialed me, which he does frequently.  I thought nothing of it.  Turns out Erica was right then telling her mom about her new pregnancy, and while she wanted to tell me in person, she was afraid I had heard them talking in the background and found out that way.  That's why she jumped the gun and told me via the email photo.

Otherwise another loooong week ahead.  I'm handling our remodel job while my bro handles the details of our big house under construction.  Our third house is essentially finished, waiting for our customers, a local Dr. and his Mrs, to return from their motorcycle odyssey to Sturgis, SD for the big Harley Davidson get-together.  Please drive safely, Doc!

Stay cool everyone.



  1. congrats to the news of a future new family member!

    Our summer hasn't allowed a single Harley Davidson drive yet... :-(