Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think I've already seen this movie....

....and I didn't like it.

Starting this weekend I have to go back to working on Sunday afternoons.  Ugh!  In our business weekends are "prime time".  That's when most other people have time off to go looking at new homes, so we have to accommodate their schedules.  

Mr & Ms W's home isn't nearly finished yet, but it is far enough along for prospective clients to get an idea of what we can do.  The W's have very graciously allowed us to show their home until it's completed, giving us an opportunity to hopefully find other clients to build for.  This is how the W's home looks at this time:

The kitchen cabinets around the perimeter are knotty alder, while the island will be enameled and lacquered.  Of course everything will be swept out and (semi-) presentable....that's about the best we can hope for by the weekend.

As my brother likes NFL football he prefers to work on Saturday's and keep his Sunday's open.  I like college ball, so I prefer to relax on Saturday's and work Sunday's.  This way we're both (sort of) happy.  Still, giving up 2 back-to-back days off is hard, but in this economy you do what you have to to make a buck.

Think we'll ever see any semblance of old-fashioned (3 years ago) economic stability?  I'm ready to slow down, not peddle faster.



  1. I think you meant to say pedal faster. But then, you could also mean peddle faster. Either way . . it seems like you're screwed.

  2. I've seen your work live... wish I could buy one! lol

    this weekend I may have to work Saturday AND Sunday! *sigh*

  3. Haha! Good eye catalyst. Yes, I want to "peddle" faster, but NOT "pedal" faster. It's hard to do both at the same time, isn't it? :)

    Sat AND Sun? Bummer Dorrie. :(


  4. Ugh - working weekend sucks! I've had my share of that... For a good number of years I was so poor, I worked a full-time job during the week AND a part-time job on weekends. I remember one year, I had 10 days off all year. It was a long time ago, but I've become very protective of my weekends and my "me" time.

    Hope this won't be a regular occurance for you. The house looks wonderful! Love the island.