Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I have a dream!"

It's now official...sort of.  K and I will eventually be moving from Dallas to somewhere else, probably in Colorado.  I've been telling her for years how wonderful the mountains are but I don't think it soaked in.  Until now all she's known are the "flatlands" or the beach (California, Virginia, or Texas).  Last month when we went to Aspen she realized I was right. 

Our goal now is to work here a while longer, pay off everything we owe, I'll retire and she'll pursue an advanced certification in her HR field, which should open many doors for her and increase her professional portability.  Then we're outta here.  When we get "there" I'll work a bit to keep busy and for a few extra bucks, and we can live modestly but quite comfortably.  We want off the rat-race treadmill.  

On our next vacation we'll go back there and do some earnest scouting for places to live, site-specific cost-of-living numbers, employment opportunities, etc.  I honestly think it's do-able.

Meanwhile work is waiting.  Gotta go chase that dream.  :)



  1. I hope it is everything you ever dreamed about man...I'm already living where I want to be for the rest of my life although I may swap it for a home in St. John, USVI one of these days...


  2. It is great to have dreams but if you're thinking about Aspen, better have tons of money, too.

  3. Catalyst....I'm aware that Aspen is WAY out of bounds for us, but one of the smaller cities on the eastern slope, within a reasonable drive from the mountains, would be nice.

    Bobby....Thanks. It won't happen immediately, but it's a goal that I honestly think can become reality.


  4. Sounds good to me! I'd just like to downsize, pay off and have a tiny cottage in the cooler mountains to escape the summer heat. I think that would be perfect for later on.