Monday, November 7, 2011


Saturday I got fed up with my Texas Tech team in the second quarter and turned off the TV.  We went on to lose in grand style to big shock.  (I suspect Tech coach Tubbyville now two days later is still trying to pull his head out of his ass.)  Turning to retail therapy to soothe my disappointment we headed out for me to buy some new hiking boots, finding what I wanted at Mountain Hideout.  (Vasque's....very comfortable.)  Later we met up with a small mob at Desperado's Mexican Restaurant for a surprise 50th birthday party for my brother.  His b-day isn't until the 29th, so he never even thought of a surprise party this far in advance.  It was quite an bar, good dinner, great cake.  

We made it back home in time to watch the end of the LSU-Alabama football game, then stayed tuned afterwards for the local news.  That's when they announced there had been a magnitude 5.6 (?) earthquake east of Oklahoma City, and said it was felt as far south as Dallas.  (I didn't feel a thing.)  As things turned out my daughter Kristan and her husband Chris were in nearby Norman, OK to attend the Texas A&M-Oklahoma game blowout.  

They were back in their 6th floor hotel room when the earthquake hit.  Chris was lying on the bed watching TV and Kristan was in the bathroom removing her makeup.  She told me she had to brace her stance and hold on to the door frame to keep her balance, and Chris thought for a second he was on one of those vibrating beds.  Chris said he was prepared to stay and try and get some sleep, but Kristan was nagging him mercilessly wanting to pack up and leave town.  Naturally she won, so at 2 AM they checked out and headed back to the civilized side of the Red River.  Everyone is home now safe and sound, thank goodness. 

That was my weekend.  Not the "same old" for sure.  ;)



  1. I'm surprised that no one has written anything about it! I mentioned it in FB but didn't get many replies and no one has been blogging about it. I would understand if it was in California, but OKLAHOMA???

  2. I, too, was surprised to hear about a quake in Oklahoma. Glad to hear that your loved ones are okay.

  3. They seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

  4. Earthquakes scare me, or at least I think they would...never been in one.

    What's the theory that I have been hearing about, that all those earthquakes that have been happening in OK are related to the fracking when drilling for gas? Wonder if there is anything to it.

  5. True Peeper. We've had many small quakes just south of Dallas that geologists have studied and attributed to fracking. But OK is probably the last place I'd expect to have an earthquake. Who knew?