Thursday, November 17, 2011

For my cat-loving friends.....

This is almost funny:  Last night the co-pilot of a Delta Airlines flight from NC to NYC called air traffic control saying they were in the pattern for landing but the pilot was no where to be found.  He had stepped out to go to the bathroom and hadn't returned.  Then a guy "with a thick foreign accent" began trying to get thru the cockpit door, even using the proper security code, saying the pilot was in the lavatory and would not be returning for landing.  *que the scary music*  The co-pilot declared an emergency and landed, where law enforcement took over.  

Turns out the lavatory door latch broke and the pilot literally couldn't get out and sent the guy with the accent to tell his co-pilot "sup."  

Moral:  Always take something to read with you as you might be in there a lot longer than you expect.  ;)



  1. I'm sure glad I don't have any false teeth....

    Was that really a true story? *goes off to google it...*

  2. Why didn't the pilot ask the guy with the accent to call a steward to the bathroom door? The co-pilot might not have been so concerned if the announcement came from another crew member. And what type of accent was this? We assume Middle Eastern, but maybe it was Japanese, or Australian, or French? I think the co-pilot did the right thing by not opening that door.

  3. Stephen....I wondered why the co-pilot didn't call an attendant and ask what was going on, too. Maybe they could have opened the door from the outside. There's bound to be some kind of emergency release. All I know are the highlights that were reported on the news this this morning.