Friday, March 23, 2012

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

We have a truck, several dollies of various sizes, and lots of muscle-pain-numbing aspirin to see us through our move.  I have help coming on Sunday if needed, but I'm hoping we can get it done ourselves before then.  I'm looking forward to moving but dreading the move itself.

We've already discarded lots of stuff we don't use, and I'm hoping we can cull even more as we unpack.  Call me weird, but I love small, organized spaces.  K says I over-think things, but it's what I do.  My mind can see things 3-D ( no doubt from decades of reading blueprints) so I know where most everything will fit before we even get there.  It drives her nuts, but I see it as an advantage.

Best news of all....late last night after we had gone to bed I had a call regarding purchasing my desk.  Yes, the monster desk from hell!  I'll plan to move it last and hope the guy shows up with cash in the meantime.

I hope this doesn't turn into a near-death experience.  *deep breath*  Cover me....I'm goin' in.

See ya in a few days.  Y'all behave yourselves.  :)



  1. God speed. Good luck with the desk. I feel like I know it even though you're never shown us a picture.

  2. Good luck! I'll take some proactive ibuprofen in your honor :)

  3. I still remember my move in summer 2010.... and I'm afraid it won't be my last, even though I LOVE this place!

  4. I can't think of many experiences I hate more than moving.

    I shouldn't complain though, because my last move was in 1969.

    Since then, I HAVE been really trying to get rid of 'stuff'.

    In many ways, I envy you.


  5. Good luck! You are my role models. I hope to do it myself soon.

  6. Good luck! I'm drinking some proactive red wine for you.

  7. You shall both cope admirably - I know you will. I am ever-culling!!!!

  8. good luck!!! look at it is an adventure!

  9. Just read this. You're probably basking in a hot tub somewhere by now, enjoying what you've accomplished.