Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A stormy day in Dallas

As viewed yesterday on BBC online:

Six held over fake Viagra trade....Six people are arrested in the UK and Spain on suspicion of importing and selling fake drugs including Viagra.

I predict they'll never get a conviction.  The evidence won't stand up in court.  ;)


Man-oh-man has it rained!  It started last night around 6 pm and hasn't stopped since.  We've had constant lightning and rolling thunder, too, which made for some great sleeping weather.  According to the National Weather Service's color-coded rainfall map my area has received between 5 and 6 inches so far, with another 1-2" expected before it stops.  I've heard it said by the weather experts (if there is such a thing) that substantial rains in the spring helps keep the summertime temperatures a bit cooler than normal.  I hope that's true.  I know our lakes are getting a good top-off, which should see us through the upcoming summer.

This makes no sense to me:  So far this morning airlines at DFW International Airport have cancelled several hundred flights due to the heavy rains.  If there's been that much rain, wouldn't they just cancel all flights?  Were only those airlines flying low-rider jets affected?  You know, the ones with the blue lights underneath, the chromed-chain steering wheels, and the ba-boom, ba-boom speakers in the back?  *scary visual, huh?*  

Our packing continues.  Everything that before resided in cabinets and in closets is now packed in boxes and stacked so thick and high you can't walk through our 2nd bedroom.  I've also taken down our Elfa shelving I installed for some more space when we moved in here 3 years ago.  Tonight I disassemble our sleigh bed.  M-day nears!



  1. I do believe that you & my dad would get along famously - he has the same sense of "humor" :)

    Every time you talk about your packing I feel guilty because Mike handled most of our packing & moving the last time. I was useless (I had shoulder surgery scheduled). Next time I'll pull my weight!

  2. "...won't stand up in court." Love it. Strange, but I never thought of you as a sleigh bed kinda guy.

  3. Steve....actually they threw in the sleigh bed for free when I purchased the two reindeer.

    Dana....So your dad's warped, too, is he? ;)


  4. Hope all is well my brother.

    I may call you sometime.


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