Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Sweet Apartment

We finally have things squared away well enough that I'm prepared to share what our new down-sized home looks like:

The majority of our square footage is concentrated in what I'll call our Great Room...the open kitchen / dining / den area.  It measures roughly 20' X 32', and I think we completely filled it, possibly over-filled it with our existing furniture.  Not much of it (by choice) is "dining", that being limited to the small drop-leaf table against the wall on the right (top photo).  It's plenty good for two people, but not many more.

The view the other direction shows our reasonably well-appointed kitchen.

Notice Luke has taken up residence on top of the back of my leather chair.  I just thought I was the Alpha Male around here.

There's a low window beside my desk, right on the floor actually, that Luke uses to keep an eye on his domain.

For myself I have a new small desk sitting in its own little alcove.  It's not much, but it works just fine.

K's computer is on the island.  It's a great arrangement that enables us to work in "peaceful co-existence".

The bedroom is very small, yet it's big enough for it's intended purpose(s)  ;)

Surprisingly, K likes my bachelor-era art.  We'll soon be getting a small flat screen TV for on top of the chest.

Couldn't show the bath as K was in there doing girlie things, but I'll just tell you it's plenty big.  My favorite part?....the shower has GREAT water pressure.  I mean "knock you over" strong pressure, just the way I like it!  The utility and large walk-in closet (which we have maxed out) are also accessible through there and are near each other, which makes laundry chores much easier than before.

That's it.  So far things are working out even better than we'd hoped, and with zero maintanence I haven't a care in the world.  It's obviously much smaller than my previous home or apartment....more on a European scale, which actually appeals to me.  We'll see if my enthusiasm remains high or if it will fade over time.  I'm optimistic.  :)



  1. It looks like you guys have been here longer than a week. It also looks so well designed that I imagine a photographer is coming to take a cover for "Better Homes and Gardens."

  2. Looks great! After almost 3 years in our house Mike finally put the pictures up in the bedroom - so I'm impressed :)

  3. VERY comfortable. I especially like that big leather chair and ottoman.

  4. I love several features of the new apartment:

    1. the seperate computer areas - I haven't once had to ask Scott "are you sharing the computer?" My computer area also serves as my breakfast/coffee drinking area - I love it

    2. I love the kitchen - its modern features - I thought I had too many cabinets until I filled them all up - Luke's stuff takes up two cabinets. I am getting used to the smooth top stove - I like it's sleekness and easy to clean. With that big island I plan on cooking a bit more

    But really there isn't anything I don't like about the new place

  5. Love the looks of your new home! Your leather chair looks very comfy.

    I can't believe you already have pictures up all over the place. I'm afraid to hang pictures. Every time I hang pictures, Karma sprinkles moving vibes all over our house. So I figure as long as I have bare walls, we won't have to move again.