Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday Art Fest

Yesterday K and I took a short drive north to our new city's City Hall Plaza where a small scale Art Fest was underway.  We arrived early when the gates open in order to get a good parking space and to slowly initiate Luke to crowds.  As it turned out attendance was sparse and the show was very modest.  In three weeks we'll go to the Ft. Worth Arts Fest which will dwarf this one.  :)

Luke did well, going nose-to-nose with many other canine attendees, holding his ground, and walking the entire route.  This is one of the few times K picked him up, and he was squirming to get back down.  Maybe he was scared K was going to slap sunglasses and a floppy hat on him, too.  Haha!

I was struck by the size and ostentaciousness (is that even a word?) of Frisco City Hall.  Keep in mind this is a very affluent city of roughly 125,000 people.  I moved here from a city over twice as large that had a city hall half this size.  I'm guessing they're flush with tax revenue.  I personally would have been a bit more reserved, but then they didn't consult with me.

The one interesting photo I took was of this entry sculpture on a high plinth in front of the stadium across the street from City Hall.  I call it "Gold Thing". 

We were back home in an hour, but still it was a good initiation to the upcoming Spring events in the area.  We probably have a couple of months before the temps become unbearably hot.  For now, I'm going to be outside as much as I can.



  1. It looks like you two had fun enjoying the sunshine. And congratulations to Luke for a successful first outing.

  2. Plinth. PLINTH, you say! Man, you don't talk like any Texan I ever knew! :)

  3. Relax Bruce. It's just an architectural term. I really do have proper Texas papers, honest. ;)


  4. I had to google "plinth."

    I have a theory that you can go through life not ever having heard of something, like a word, a fact, an expression, etc. And then you hear it TWICE in a week.

    Happy arts festival season to you and K!