Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cars & Coffee, November, 2012

I was out before sunrise this morning in order to attend the monthly Cars and Coffee and still have time to go to my grandson's soccer game.  Turns out he's sick today and didn't play, so I was able to linger a while longer and oogle some really cool, sometimes exotic, always interesting cars:

My first dilemma of the day....which car to take to the show?  The Bentley or the Rolls?

OK, the Rolls it is.

I guess I'm just a sucker for vintage Porsche's, like this '69 911E.

And Jaguar E Types, too.  Sweeeeet!

Speaking of Woodies....This '50's era Ford Sportsman, although I doubt original.

This 1970 BMW 1600 Cabrio was never intended for the US market according to the owner.  It was imported from France in 1985, and he's had it since 1990.  It has about 250K miles on it and is still his daily driver (weather permitting).

I finally got to meet Karen O'Brien, who owns this outstanding BMW Z3 I've shown here in the past.  She is a super cool lady!

Her girlfriend brought her Z3, too.  (I guess this confirms it....Z3's are chick cars.)

*Don't tell Karen, but I think I like her friend's ride better*

Oddly enough I actually like this Screamin' Yellow BMW.  Unfortunately my local Constabulary would see me coming a mile away, something I do NOT need!

And now for some grins:

A VW "Thing" the dog let's this guy drive ^

In the rear window of a tiny little Fiat 500 ^

I understand the concept of headlight stone guards, but....

The last personal Best of Show today....this BMW Z8.  

*If you're gonna dream, dream BIG!*



  1. Thought that dog was a cow at first.

  2. Yep, he was a real dog, drool and all. And as you can tell, he was a gentle giant.


  3. My cousin's husband had a BMW 1600 Cabrio...his was red, too. Sigh...there's just something about BMWs. Every time I'm in Munich, I take a picture of the BMW headquarters building and make a little bow.

  4. The woodie looks wonderful but I bet it gets terrible milage, not a problem back in the fifties.

  5. The Ford is very cool, but like you I bet not original.

  6. Cool looking cars!! Hope your grandson is feeling better soon!


  7. I'll take the Bentley. There was a '48 Ford convert with a wooden trunk, but couldn't find a '50.

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