Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luke says "jump!"....

....We say "how high?"  What do you call a male "prima donna"?  Whatever you call it, Luke is one.

It seems he was playing with K over the weekend and jumped off the couch wrong, spraining his "knee".  Now he has a hitch in his giddyup.  The vet says it's a floating patella (kneecap) a common problem with small dogs.  For a week we have to carry him up and down the stairs.

But before that K found it hard to find a dog food that he liked.  He would eat one kind for a few days, then tire of it and refuse to eat it anymore.  Dry food, wet food, a mix of the two....she never found the right one UNTIL she gave him a tiny piece of real chicken we were eating.  Boy Howdy!!  

Now we have to buy a rotisserie chicken weekly in order to have a bit handy for him every day to mix with his dry food.  And frankly, I like it too, so I'm not exactly crying in my beer.  (The chicken, not the dry dog food.)  Saturday, however, we bought some smoked turkey instead as they were out of cluck.

Last night His Highness The Lukester turned up his nose at that one, too.  At 6 pm I had to go out and battle the commuters on their way home who also stopped at Market Street for their chicken dinner.  I had to race to beat a little old lady to the last one, but I got it!  Actually she was debating between two, one mildly seasoned (that Luke prefers) and one lemon "something".  When she put the mild one down for a nano-second I lunged for it!  

In the end Luke approved, and allowed me to remain in his presence for the remainder of the evening.

Oh lucky me.  ;)



  1. Poor Luke; hope his floating patella feels better soon; thankful that he is a small dog that you need to carry; can you imagine carrying a German Shepherd up and down stairs?

    LOL about the food; I can see him "demanding" his favorites. They do wrap us around their little paws like I mentioned before. We take Koda, our corgi, on car rides on the weekend because he is used to them and expects them and we plan our weekend schedules around them too. They are too spoiled but too cute indeed!


  2. My mother fed her cockapoo with a fork - until my dad figured out that all we had to do was pretend WE were going to eat the food & then Winston would chow down on his own. Greedy little bugger.

  3. You need a bulldog. They just sleep most of the time and eat whatever comes their way.

  4. Luke is training you so well. Our last dog was exceptionally gassy when given human food and the vet told us to give her nothing but high quality dry dog food. When my parents came to town they insisted on feeding "Ellie" scraps when we weren't looking. I instigated a law at our house: If you feed the dog (human food) you sleep with the dog.

    One night when Ellie was turning our bedroom into a gas chamber because of all the scraps my folks had given her, I climbed out of bed and walked her over to the guestroom where my parents were soundly sleeping. I cracked the door and let Ellie in to share her effluvium with my parents. They never fed her human food again.

  5. Steve....Actually all we give Luke are a few small pieces of chicken about half the size of a pencil eraser. It's just enough to make the dry food smell and taste good, and it gives him no problems.

    PT....We had a mini schnauzer before Luke and she would eat anything, plus the box it came in.

    Dana....They're a lot smarter that they let on to.

    Betty....My Westy, Tara, was a car ride fanatic, too. She would sit at the back door and wouldn't let you out until to gave her a ride around the block.

    Joe....Yes he is, and he knows it, too.


  6. We are nothing but servants to our pets: the real masters.

  7. You had to beat a little old lady to the last rotisserie chicken?

    You know, that was a Seinfeld episode once, except it involved rye bread... ;-)

  8. Oh yes I can see who is in charge here Ha Ha Luke has gotten you trained my Friend :)

    My Dad feeds his Chi-who-ah-who-ah chicken also, just because she likes it, isn't it funny how we tend to spoil our little dogs worse than we did our kids, this coming from another owner who has been trained :)

  9. LOL! You have to love finicky pets! My cat will only eat raw chicken.