Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Friday is here, the one I've been dreading

OMG!  This is a true catastrophe!  The world will never be the same.  The youth of the world, and many of us grown-ups, too, have been robbed.  They've been taken from us waaaay too soon.  

I'm talking about Twinkies, and SnoBalls, and HoHo's, and Cupcakes, and Hostess bread, the one that "builds strong bodies 8 ways", and....  *uncontrolled sobbing*

Hostess Brands, the company that bakes all those goodies, is closing its good.  They've been bankrupt for months now, and their "best and last offer" to their union has been rejected.  Turn out the lights, the party's over.

How could this happen?  We're Americans.  We're fat.  I would have thought the company that bakes all these hi-cal delights would be rolling in dough (pardon the pun).  How inept do you have to be to muck up a powdered-sugar-covered donut company in America?

RIP my friends.


What is it with the Palestinians and the Israelis?  They're at it again.  While I'm obviously not there to see first hand who did what, it sounds like the Palestinians just couldn't help stirring up the ant pile....again.  You just know what's gonna happen!  They've been lobbing missiles at Israel, and sure enough the Israelis are giving 'em right back.  

These guys just don't seem to be happy unless they're miserable.  Their "leaders" have an odd way of thinking.  Or do they?  It's hard to be the leader of a beat-up group unless you have a beat-up group to lead.  So you just make sure your people are beaten up on a regular basis.  Just lob a few missiles and then sit back and wait for the inevitable whuppin'.  Is this their version of job security?  Go figure.

Oh well.  Now go out and start your weekend (yes, it starts on Friday) with a farewell Twinkie.  



  1. Never thought I'd see the day you could not buy a twinkie. I havn't had their stuff for years except the fruit pies. Love me some lemon fruit pies!

    I think you hit the nail on the head about the Palistinians. Never thought about it like that, I always bought the "Idealog" they stole our land thing. You may be right about easier to lead the downtrodden. Plus they just hate Jews...and Christians...and the wrong kind of Muslims...and bunnys.

  2. Oh no, this is terrible news about Hostess! Those are the foods of our youth indeed. I worked for a heart surgeon once who loved frozen Twinkees (and he was thin as a rail). It is indeed a sad day in America.

    I don't think there will ever be peace in the Middle East until Jesus comes back. But I do admire the Israelites that they just fight right back when they are being attacked. I'm also thankful that a lady from our church who was down in that area for about a month or so on assignment got safely home a week ago before this trouble started.


  3. Oh man, not the Twinkies! Now what we will survive on after the Apocalypse? I guess America's health will be better for it.

  4. I was at the grocery store at seven a.m. after swimming this morning and I was caught in a rush to buy Twinkies. By the time I got to the shelf it was empty of all Hostess items. I haven't had a Twinkie in over twenty years, but damn I want one now. I wonder when there will be a Black Market for Twinkies.

  5. 1. Give the unions what they want.
    2. Keep making Twinkies.
    3. Ship them to the Palestinians.
    4. Ship the to the Israelis.

    Happy Hostess union employees, Hostess gets out of bankruptcy, Palestinians and Isrealis are happy, war faring stops.

    I'll be picking up my Nobel Peace Prize and my Nobel Prize for Economics in Oslo.

  6. Take me along? I could be your appointments secretary keeping all your admirers in line. ;)


  7. Hostess is blaming the unions but what they aren't saying is that this is the second time that the workers have been asked to take a pay and benefits cut, something they did at the previous bankruptcy filing. Also, they failed to mention the massive raises top executives got right before entering bankruptcy this time or that Hostess has been managed not by people with bread and cake baking experience since the first bankruptcy but by 'restructuring experts' and currently a 'liquidation specialist' put in place by the private equity companies that currently the company. They also never made the investments in the company's future that had been promised as part of restructuring after the previous bankruptcy. But, yeah, it's all the union's fault that everyone lost their jobs.

    re Israel and the Palestinians...people want to think that Israel is so innocent and that their retaliation is self defense but it's not self defense if you are the aggressor. if you want to know what's really going on over there, you won't find out through mainstream news. Israel is not innocent.