Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The doctor said I could easily pass for an "artist's model"

I went to the doctor yesterday where he removed the bandages and stitches from my face / nose.  He said I could easily pass for an "artist's model".

He just forgot to mention the artist was Picasso.


I've heard it said, probably more seriously than in jest, that the world would be a better place if we elected women as our leaders instead of men.  Men, the reasoning goes, are quick to pick up arms and go to war when they don't get their way, while women would be more likely to sit down with their adversaries and work out their differences.  But why limit it just to our elected leaders?  Why not our military, too?

Think about it:  Instead of having the oceans filled with these...

and the skies filled with these...

we would only need a couple hundred of these...

We could strategically park them around Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea....really any country we wanted to bring to their knees, then just turn up the volume.  My proposed new all-female army could nag any male dominated country in the world into doing anything.  

Give up their nuclear arms aspirations....done.  Stop threatening their neighbors....check.  Whip those Al Qaeda boys into a Sex In the City marathon....learn line quiche...."yes dear".  And we could cut our military spending from $700B a year to just a few million.  What budget deficit?

Oh....and the world would be a much better dressed place, too.  ;)



  1. Sounds like a plan to me. Of course that might be Muhammad wanted to oppress women in the first place.

  2. All good except for your budget projection. You forgot to factor in shoes.

  3. Is this in response to my "gentle suggestion" that you wash your grubby hands BEFORE "doctoring your ouchies"?



  4. General Park....And the correct answer is....?

    Cranky....Damn, shoes. Forgot about those. OK, so add back in $650B. Still, that's a net savings of $50B...not bad.

    PT....Muhammad doesn't stand a chance!


  5. You're treading on thin ice here Mr. Park :)

  6. Scott:

    I hope you haven't let K read this post or you might be sleeping on the couch with Luke for a few days, unless she's a big fan of sarcasm. On another note, I notice today that the Republican House leadership has assigned all of the chairmen for the various Congressional committees and not one woman was selected to head anything. And the Republicans say they hold women in high regard....

  7. Dana...I meant it with love, you know that. :)

    Steve...The anonymous comment above was from K. We'll see how she likes my sarcasm tonight at bedtime. And FYI, Repbulicans DO hold women in high regard. They have a whole folder full of women's names on the very top of a file cabinet...somewhere. :)


  8. Oh Yes like Joe mentioned the shoes do have to factor in, but even with the price of the shoes we are still ahead :)