Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Hail Luke the Wonder Dog

Recently I saw an ad on TV (for dog food as I recall) that said dogs, ALL modern dogs, are descendants of wolves.

Beautiful creatures, aren't they?  And the similarity to modern canines is obvious.

No doubt.


But then I think of Luke the Wonder Dog and I have to ask myself, what happened?

Poor little dude.

I've seen National Geographic programs where they show majestic, powerful wolves in the wild, hunting for food, "survival of the fittest" and all that.

Luke, on the other hand, insists that his food be served in a silver (stainless steel) bowl and placed on the exact same type of placemat we eat off of.  (I'm just waiting for him to start demanding Grey Poupon.)

Some dogs you know you can count on to be your family's first line of defense.

I'm sure that if Luke's bark doesn't intimidate and say, "One more step and you'll have to deal with ME"his peeing all over their shoes would.

But on the other hand, you'll never have a more loyal friend.  And he doesn't eat much.  And he doesn't....umm....poop much.  And I think he likes watching football and rugby.  And if any field mice from across the street were ever to invade our building, I'm sure he'd take 'em out.  All-in-all I'd have to say he's grown on me (pardon the pun).  He's actually a pretty fine dog.  I like him.  And besides....

I owe him one.  (Two, actually  :)



  1. I'm sure he alerts you when strangers approach. My Lab was a wonderful watch dog, if someone broke in to rob me he would have watched him until he left.

    How much breeding does it take to go from a wolf to Luke TWD? He looks like the perfect Apt. companion dog.

    1. I dunno, Joe. I guess you just keep breeding the runts until you make a Luke.

  2. Our dog (Doug the Pug) is pretty much the same. He thinks he is a person and should be afforded the same privileges. All in all a good dog. Not good for much, but a good loyal dog. Can't ask for much more.

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  4. Aaawwww...with a face like that, who wouldn't love Luke! And he seems much smarter than a wolf - he's trained you to feed him with a silver dish. I doubt any ole wolf could get you to do that.

    *Previous comment deleted due to typo*

  5. He such a cutie - so's his mom :)

  6. He's one cute dog, but how is it exactly that Luke insists on eating out of a silver bowl?

    1. In our recent move we just put some of his food in a regular bowl....wouldn't touch it. Then on a paper place....same. We finally brought his bowl over and all was right in his world again. He just has his rituals.

  7. He's a toughie, for sure, especially in that last pic. :-)

  8. Awww...Luke photos before his first sweet. He's such a great friend! Always greeting us at the door like he hasn't seen us in ages - yeah all dogs do that.....that's why dogs are awesome!