Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Tea Party Unmasked

I can't believe the bald-faced lies I hear coming out of the mouths of these Tea Party brown shirts (Nazi reference).  Just as Adolf Hitler, with a straight face no less, said his invasion of Poland in 1939 was in self defense after a series of German-staged "incidents", Rafael Cruz & Co. are saying they are shutting down the government in order to de-fund Obamacare and "make a down-payment on fiscal discipline and reform".

Well gag a maggot!  Let's just call 'em what they really are:  Class Warfare Storm Troopers.

If they're so hell-bent on cutting spending, why didn't they just jump on the Simpson / Bowles bandwagon? 

[Simpson / Bowles was a true bi-partisan committee....technically the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform....appointed in 2010 to "achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run".  Its recommendations were severe yet fair to all, meaning everyone took a serious haircut.  Rich, poor, entitlements, homeowners, business subsidies, labor unions, The 1%....everyone would have to give up something.]

The Tea Party couldn't run from it fast enough!  

"What?  No subsidies for Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Ag, no tax loopholes, no special deductions, tax increases, a hit on capital gains?  BLASPHEMY!"

Truth is, The Tea Party wants to cut spending for everyone except their own.

In fairness, the ultra-left wants to protect their labor union buddies, welfarians, minorities, entitlements, etc, while cutting everything near and dear to the wealthy.  (There can't be a Class War with just one combatant.)

But back to the problem at hand:  there are soundbites all over TV showing Tea Party candidates campaigning in the last election promising to "shut down the government".  They said it out loud, and there is video to prove it.  There is absolutely no way in hell they can honestly say this current mess is the fault of the Democrats.  They picked their fight and got their wish.

And when the economy stumbles, when / if our nation's credit takes another downgrade, when / if we default on paying our bills, when / if interest rates rise, those soundbites are going to come back to haunt them.  

Americans always love to pin blame on someone when things go bad, and the Tea Party will be a sitting's their mess.  And then maybe....just maybe....rational Democrats and Republicans can get back to work on The People's Business.

Show some spine, Republicans, and give the Tea Party hijackers the boot.  I only pray Rafael "Ted" Cruz' 15 minutes of fame is about over.  Let him go stand in the corner with the ghost of Joseph McCarthy.



  1. I'm really hoping this is the Tea Party's Waterloo and that they'll fade back into history where they belong. The sheer hypocrisy of a bunch of rich people who get free gold-plated government health care (even during a shutdown) torching the country just so other people can't get health care is mind-boggling.

  2. These Tea party Republicans would have us believe they care for the average guy, but they're backed by some of the richest people in America. They don't believe in the benefits of government and are determined to shut it down. In this regard, they have been successful. I, too, hope they pay a price for all thew hurt they're causing average people.

  3. Hear hear! (or here here - I can never remember)

  4. I'll raise my glass to rational Democrats and Republicans.

    My boss is currently in Utah, not hiking in one of the national parks. There are a lot of tourists from outside the U.S. who spent a lot of money coming here on vacation and now they can't see what they came to see. An Italian (Italian!!! - as in, he knows how chaotic government can be!) was quoted as saying, "What kind of crazy, messed up country is this?" And who suffers the most? The mom-and-pop tourist places, gift shops, tour guides, and places that sell camping supplies.

    And this is just one very small aspect of the shutdown...

  5. My friend, Tom at Light Breezes, was at the gate to Yosemite yesterday as dozens of foreign tourists were turned away. One of them, stalking back to his car, said "what a government of stooges". Stooges, indeed. And you're comparing Senator Cruz to the late, disgraced Senator Joe McCarthy is right on the button. Stooges is too good a word to describe the Tea Party Republicans but I refrain from strong comment while I'm indulging in strong drink.