Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here he comes....there he goes

Going to 4-yr-old grandson Parker's soccer game this morning.  I think later they'll break up and play positions, but for now they all just play "mob", as in wherever the ball goes, the mob follows.  It's 45 degrees this morning with a breeze.  That should wake everyone up.

Later we're going on a search for food trucks, probably downtown.  Looks like Luke the Wonder Dog is coming along, too.  There are always lots of dogs there, which should thrill him....unless any of them try to get too close.  

Then he does an admirable imitation of a greyhound chasing that little mechanical rabbit around the racetrack.

After that....gee....lemme think.  Oh yes!  Football, or as K calls it, #$%^&* football.  :)



  1. They may assign positions, but it will be "mob ball" for at least another year.

  2. You're such a good grandpa. Hopefully my turn will come one day. Happy Weekend.

  3. We drive by soccer fields sometimes & the little ones are SO CUTE!

    If Luke does the greyhound thing I think we have to have a video :)

  4. I remember "soccer by 4-year-olds."

    "Mob" is a great way to describe it! They all run where the ball rolls. Except when they have to stop and pick their nose or scratch their butt.

  5. Do they actually have goalies who stay in their own nets, or are the nets empty? Seriously, I don't know how 4-year-old soccer works :-)

    1. No Jim, no goalies, and everything from the field size to the goal is shrunken, too. Still, it's a hoot and a half to watch.