Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The water closet library

Pretty impressive, huh?  No, it's not mine, but while I can't read the titles, I'm pretty sure it belongs to a guy.  It just looks like something a guy would have.  Plus the window has no curtains, and the walls aren't painted lavender or fuchsia.  (Always a dead give-away.)  

There's no telling how many great ideas, how many world-changing inventions, have originated in "think tanks" just like this.  I like this montessori style of learning.  I'm exposed to all kinds of new cultures, ideas, and even exotic languages.

"Foreigners must be perplexed by Whinging Poms but that's just the way it is--play it all down, make out it's really a bit of a fag, then go like the clappers with full commitment."

Well, yes, this foreigner is totally perplexed.  I have no idea what any of that means.  But the important thing is, I read, and I've learned new, exotic jibberish.  This was written by a contributor to Octane magazine, a UK-published car magazine that I read.  

I like leisurely perusing it because it gives reviews and tells stories and shows photos of vintage cars we don't see here on this side of the pond.  Cars like Lancia's and Alfa Romeo's and Delahaye's.

Here's something you're not likely to see in the Walmart parking lot.

I prefer to stock my water closet library with magazines.  That's because I don't eat enough to warrant stocking it with books.  A couple of magazine pages at a time is about right.  With books, some of those chapters can go on and on and....

On a related topic, I read just this morning that American adults are lagging behind adults in most other countries in things such as reading, math, and problem-solving skills.  Yes, part of the problem is probably because our kids are getting crappy educations (everyone gets an A so they won't get their feelings hurt), and of course kids eventually grow up to be adults.  Or inmates.  But my theory is it's because not enough adults pursue "continuing education".  

I think kids should be taught early to read.  If kids are fed properly and given access to thought provoking ideas, and taught it's good to read and learn every day, America will once again be

Or sometimes, #2.  ;)



  1. That library needs a copy of my books...they were designed for "Bathroom Reading!"

    I know...shameless plug.

    Lou at "Sunnyside" could interpret that sentence for you.

  2. A few times I've taken my Kindle into the bathroom with me when I'm close to finishing a book and have to take a dump. In theory I could have thousands of books on there with much less space taken up.

  3. Your last paragraph sounds like good reason for early childhood education... like Head Start for example.

  4. It's too bad that most Americans think of college, higher education, as a destination instead of a launching pad. Take care. I hope you're having a good week.

    1. Thanks. Two thumbs up here. You too. :)

  5. I heard about that study this morning, too. Pretty soon we'll no longer be No. 1 as a nation...maybe we already lost that place.

    The study showed how hard it was for kids to get ahead when the parents are not college educated. We should pay teachers in crappy inner city school MORE money to attract better teachers.

  6. I like to keep a magazine AND a book in there because you just never know...

    I LOVED to read as a kid - I was always reading ahead in first grade. It was just the most amazing thing to me. And I still like to read, but usually only fiction, so I'm not sure I'm continuing my educations (50 Shades of Grey doesn't count as educational does it?).