Thursday, October 17, 2013

"And if re-re-re-re-re-elected, I promise you I will...."

The best case yet for congressional term limits:

In our recent gubment shutdown / debt ceiling crisis, a small MINORITY of hard core Tea Party Republicans called the shots.  It's said that the majority of the House Republicans did NOT share the Tea Party venom, yet were afraid to stand up to the TP bullies.  With their own re-elections coming up next year, they were afraid if they DIDN'T at least pay lip service to the extremists they would face a strong primary challenge from a Tea Party-er themselves. *Holy sheep shit, Robin!*

So they voted, perhaps reluctantly, to "shut 'er down".  Millions of disabled veterans were scared to death their disability checks, often their sole source of income, wouldn't show up.  Same with military retirees.  Same with senior citizens.  Same with veterans going to school using their GI Bill.  (And let's be clear here, these were all PRE-PAID beneifts.)

A small army of gubment workers and contractors (that's a whole 'nuther blog post) missed their paychecks, too, and no doubt many missed paying a few bills on time.

Overall it's estimated the shutdown cost us $24 BILLION dollars.  All this because a group of otherwise reasonable Republicans, who could have voted their conscience but lacked the balls, valued their JOBS more than the citizens....the country....they personally pledged to serve.  

They valued their job, their POWER, their chance to be cut in on some lucrative business deals, more than the country.  And frankly, I imagine if the shoe had been on the other foot, the career Democrats would have done the same thing.

They threw the whole country under the bus in order to save their jobs.  I think it's time we make that job a whole lot less desirable.  A short term limit would be a good start, perhaps followed by a lifetime prohibition on a future career as a lobbyist.  And no lifetime congressional pension or health benefits, either.  In fact no perks at all.  When their term is up, they go back home to the rat race like the rest of us.

I say it's time we throw THEM under the bus for the greater good of the country!

*Cue the music*



  1. That's pretty much how it was back in ancient Rome, the basis for our current system. You did a couple years and then you went back to work as a civilian. Until the emperors showed up they pretty much had two presidents. Can you imagine how much less would get done with a Republican and Democrat president?

  2. I believe our founders thought of serving in government as just that, SERVING, it was a duty where there was no benefit expected other than respect. They then went back to more lucrative vocations. Well that has turned upside down. Term limits YES! The primary elections which are won by wooing the extremists in the party (right and left) are what is causing the divisiveness in out system. The answer to this is...I got nothing, but term limits might help.

    Keep your eye on Cory Booker our (NJ) new Senator. He has progressive ideals, but with a strong belief in the morals and work ethic that made the Country great. I think he will be a uniter not a divider...if that is at all possible.

  3. I certainly don't think that congressional members should be able to become paid lobbyists after only one year, perhaps five or ten, but I'm not one of those who believe everyone should be thrown out. It was mature leadership that got us out of this jam. I say throw everyone out who doesn't believe in compromise and rule by the majority.

    1. Your argument makes sense, Steve, except I don't think it could be enforced. At least my way is iron-clad. Still, it's all moot as it would require a Constitutional Amendment getting through Congress...fat chance! (There could be an end run around Congress, but that's an even longer long shot.)

  4. I'm not so sure term limits is the answer. You would throw the good out with the bad. I know, I know... there are now more bad than good. But no lobbyists, no benefits and no perks seems like a good idea. And your comic is right on the mark... money runs it all.

    1. I'd personally be willing to throw out a few babies with the bath water. At least we'd get rid of a LOT of dirty water.

  5. Replies
    1. Something all Red, White, and Blueish, TBD. :)