Thursday, October 3, 2013


....that's a fancy foreign word for "I'm done".  Today I'm finally meeting with Mr. & Dr. T, collecting my final $$$ and signing papers on their new custom home.  Here are some highlights:

It's about 5800 sq ft on a half acre homesite.

Nice and formal, as they requested.


The front staircase (there's a second off the kitchen).

Looking up at the 21' high foyer ceiling.

The formal dining to the left off the foyer.

The study to the right off the foyer.

And as the Realtors always point out, "Here's the kitchen".  *DUH!  I would have never guessed*

The small butler's pantry tucked off behind the kitchen.

A small mud room off the door from the 3-car garage.

One wall in the utility room.  It also has space for a second refrig/freezer, and of course the washer and dryer.  It is immediately adjacent to the master closet....

This view shows about 1/3 of the master closet, which opens off the master bath....


View from the upstairs reading nook.

The chirren's (1) playroom upstairs.

The Juliet balcony overlooking the living room.


Nice, as long as someone else maintains it.

All together there are 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, 3 living areas, and a 3-car garage.  The quality was VERY nice.  (I have some incredible craftsmen!)  In fact, the building inspector even called it "exceptional".  It isn't at all to my personal taste (and those colors!), but I'm not making the payment, so.... 

Now where was I?  Oh yes....retired.  :)


  1. Wow, you could also hear Robin Leach narrating that. Whatever happened to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? is that still a thing?

    1. I have no idea Pat. I haven't seen or heard of him in years.

  2. It truly is a beautiful home and one you can take great pride in. But like you I wouldn't want to maintain it. A nice townhouse or apartment with others to handle the maintenance is just fine. But the good doctor who commissioned this masterpiece from you can invite me over any time.

  3. Beautiful if you have mucho dinero and lots of help...where is the terrace overlooking the Dallas Cowboy training facility?

  4. Lavish. But . . . all of that matching wood would drive me mad.

  5. Niiiiiiice...but yes, what Bruce said about the wood. From what I can tell in your pictures, I believe my first apartment was about the size of their butler's pantry.

  6. Another amazing home My Love! I am, as always, proud of the work your company does! All of it may not be my taste but the workmanship is most excellent!