Friday, October 18, 2013

Just thinking out loud....

I guess I'll give chastising Congress a break for a while.  I think they know how I feel.  

My to-do list today included balancing the checkbook, and I'm happy to report all the numbers are still a dull, monotone black.   Otherwise, all is quiet here.

I did notice yet another building crane going up across the street.  Speaking of birds ("cranes", get it?) shouldn't there be millions of them flying south for the winter by now?  Thinking back years ago, by (or before) this time the sky would be filled with what seemed like millions of birds doing their annual migration.  Do birds just avoid big city airspace these days?  Are they scared of all those cranes?  That's probably a good thing, come to think of keeps the little shitters away from my car.

Our next door neighbors have packed it up and moved.  I saw them a couple of days ago loading a U-Haul.  I had noticed their terrace furniture missing and thought something was amiss.  Turns out they're moving back to New Mexico....I guess they aren't Big City types.

Met another neighbor in the elevator yesterday.  She's an American Airlines flight attendant, Sherlock Holmes here deducing that by her suitcases and American Airlines flight attendant uniform.  Just making small talk, I asked where she was returning from, and she said a London trip.  

I commented, "Oh, then you must have some seniority", and she said, yes, 25 years and she was STILL "junior" on that flight.  Some quick mental math told me she must be 45-50 yrs old, yet she looked to be a stunning mid-30'ish.  Now I'm wondering how much of her was "real", or if my eyesight is failing me.

This weekend promises to be Chamber of Commerce / picture-postcard autumn perfect.  K is playing hookie this afternoon from work, so we're planning a leisurely lunch somewhere of those 2-hour meals with maybe an adult beverage or two.

Bon Ape Tit, y'all.

Here's hoping you're having a pleasant day, too.  :)



  1. It seems some birds never leave up north here anymore. There are sometimes still Canada geese here in January and I think, "Jeez if I had wings I'd have flown the coop three months ago!"

  2. The beauty of getting older is there are so many more good looking younger women then there used to be.

  3. ...dull, monotone black... is highly underrated, in my opinion!

    Enjoy playing hooky!

  4. Hope you had a great day! I have a friend from high school who is a flight attendant & she goes all over the world - Germany, China, etc. I'm kind of jealous of her life, but on the other hand I would probably have gotten fired before now.

  5. I just watched a program called Earthflight where I learned many birds prefer flying over cities because paved roads produce thermal heat that makes flying easier. Happy Weekend.