Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cloud fell down

Saturday recap:  Texas Tech lost, Northampton won, the Plano festival was a let down, but last night we had a helluva storm, complete with a fantastic lightning show and loud claps of cool!

Then this morning I looked outside to find this:

Cloud fell down.

It just feels like autumn today.  Some days this would be the last thing you'd want to see, but today it just feels right.  Now and then I like a day when everything just slows down a few notches.  

Stay-at-home church on the internet, a leisurely breakfast, maybe a trip to Starbucks later for a latte and some quality time with the newspaper and some people watching.  (They have some interesting types come in there.)  I might even check out the Felon Football League for a while.  That's my day.  

CORRECTION:  I've just been informed my presence has been requested at IKEA sometime today, too.  



  1. Don't eat the meatballs...otherwise sound like a nice slow down day.

  2. I love the conflicting advice re: the meatballs. Betina, what do you have to say about the subject?

  3. Hah - there have been rumors of horsemeat in IKEA meatballs. But only in if you are going to the IKEA in Dallas, enjoy away. I'd like to add that the triple chocolate cake is totally safe and absolutely delicious!