Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The mafia is watching and learning from the Tea Party

The mafia could learn much from the Tea Party extortionists in the House of Representatives.  

First the Tea Party campaigned explicitly on the promise they would shut down the government.  For two weeks they f__ked around making demands they KNEW would NEVER be acceptable to the opposition. 

Then they say it isn't them "....no siree, it's those damn Democrats....they won't negotiate in good faith".  Yuck yuck.  

They finally throw up their hands and say they're out, it's up to the Senate to put together some sort of compromise.  OK, fine.  Harry "Life of the Party" Reid and Mitch "Pull My Finger" McConnell, with the help of some bipartisan MODERATES, are on the verge of putting something together, and the Tea Party "Gang of Ninety" pull their heads out of their asses....

John "Boner" Boehner's "Glamour Shot"

....and announce that, no, they would put together a plan after all, scuttling everything the Senate was working on.  BASTARDS!

On second thought, the mafia is smarter than that.  (And their approval rating is higher, too.)

You want to know how to absolutely destroy a perfectly good political party?  Elect a small bunch of Tea Party bully's and let them goose-step their way into power.  In 6 months your party will be a flaming wreck.  Keep it up Tea Party, and you'll learn the meaning of "unintended consequences".



  1. Even the Mafia isn't dumb enough to destroy its own economy. I hope the super rich Koch brothers are insulated enough to survive the inevitable stock market plummet when the government defaults.

  2. All along I've thought the Tea Party were a bunch of misguided idiots but only now am I understanding how dangerous they are.

  3. A few dozen people...threating the world economy. Yes, they are dangerous.

  4. Ted "No, I'm not really a Canadian" Cruz and his band of crazies have nearly wrecked a once-great nation. If we can't do more, then let's vote 'em out of office and into oblivion.