Sunday, April 28, 2013

A wonderful Saturday at "Art in the Square"

Yesterday we went to "Art in the Square" in Southlake, Tx.  For some reason we'd never attended this one, and as it's one of the very best art festivals around, I'm still kicking myself.  Jeez!  How could I have overlooked this one?

The setting was storey-book perfect.   So was the weather....75 degrees, sunny (after the morning clouds burned off) with calm winds.

One of the organizers told me this show has been ranked the 8th best in the country, and is moving up.  I believe it.

There were 145 judged exhibitors there, and their stuff was absolutely top shelf.

This was carved from one block of wood.  I had no desire (nor the money) to buy it, but still the talent and patience it took to create it just boggled my mind.

But of course, you know me....I'm always drawn to the oddball stuff.

And this one....ceramic figures rappelling down a wall....was the oddest and absolutely most creative/unique thing I saw.  At $170 each I wanted them all.  However my bank account just laughed at my spontaneity.

I was at first disappointed that there was only one food truck there (although there were lots of restaurants around the "square"), but then I realized it was my favorite Korean taco/kimchee fries vendor from last week, so all was well again.

We bought our food, then walked over to the "King and Queen" pub where we ordered a couple of brews with names I couldn't pronounce.

Then I heard the music from the stage a half block behind us.  OMG!  It was Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers.

I left K to relax while I went and enjoyed this surprisingly good act for a while.

One last look back.  Kudos Southlake for a fantastic art show!




  1. It was a great day for sure! It's a keeper.

    I have noticed more and more "no photos/no cell phone photos" signs posted at the artist's tents/tables, etc

    I must admit I am torn between respecting their wishes and also wishing they would shut the f&^$ up. Art is a lot like music - you only have so much medium before really you're just rearranging Mozart's notes into something you like.

    There was one vendor in particular yesterday that has some really nice leather purses/bags....nice work...modern....Scott being the gentleman that he is asked if he could take a photo for his blog...she politely said no and then added "we try to stay off the internet" .... because being a starving artist is so much fun?

    Honestly the rebel in me wants to go to Cottonwood next week (the next art fest) and take a photo of everyone of the artist that posts "no photos" signs....

    and I just may.

  2. Great art, great food, great weather, and entertainment on top of that - you can't beat that!

    Kelly, I've encountered artists that get possessive with their art, too. If I see a sign posted, I usually lower my camera and don't take a picture. I do want to respect their wishes and I consider myself a fairly understanding and non-confrontational person. If I want to take several up-close pictures, showing lots of detail, I usually ask - and explain that it's a picture only for my personal use. Nobody has ever denied me taking a picture then. But really, if something is out in public, displayed for everyone to see, you have a right to take a photo. When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. I wish I could have joined you.

  4. I always have a camera when I'm out, and I was asked once by an antique store owner if I was taking photos. I told her no, and I honestly didn't want any. She said that some people put the photos on ebay and then try to sell what they don't have in their possession.

    We have a flea market in the square every Sunday and I occasionally take a photo. I don't bother to ask, I just shoot.

  5. Love the wall climbing figurines. Looks like a perfect day.

  6. Very nice...I still prefer the cars.